Accent Indy Race Carbon Adustable SUP Paddle

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The Indy Racing Series of paddles is designed for Stand Up Paddlers looking to take their performance to the podium. Designed by Lee Bonfiglio, the Indy Racing lineup offers paddlers of all sizes three unique blade designs for training or their next competition. Each paddle is made using the finest aerospace materials available in our industry. The blade is constructed with carbon fiber, a machined foam core and ABS rails for durability. Each blade is designed with the perfect amount of dihedral for maximum power and efficiency. The shaft is designed with the correct stiffness for short sprints to endurance marathons. With weights starting at 13.5 ounces, the Indy Racing Series of SUP paddles have set a new standard for performance.


  • Accent Micro LeverLock adjustment - Or fixed
  • Carbon Foam Core Construction
  • MSR – Medium Stroke Rate
  • Medium size blade for those looking for more power with a higher cadence
  • Advanced dihedral blade design promotes stability and balance on the water
  • ABS edge reinforcement


Length 1 piece (66-85in); Adjustable (66-91in)
Weight 14oz (397g) – measured paddle 74″; Adjustable – 20oz (568g)
Surface area 98sq in (632sq cm)
Blade Length X Width 7.8 X 16.75″ (19.8 X 42.55cm)
Blade Angle


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