Accent Indy Tour Composite SUP Paddle


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The Indy Tour series of SUP paddles provide paddlers of all skill levels the highest level of construction at an affordable price.  Each Tour series blade has a foam core and durable ABS outer edge reinforcement material.  The blades have a long narrow design for stability and control in the water.  The carbon blend shaft transfers more of your paddling power to the water for a more efficient stroke.  With our custom LeverLock 16″ adjustment system, the Indy Tour makes for a great family sharing paddle.



Weight 2-Piece – 24oz (680g); 3-Piece – 26oz (738g)
Surface area 85 sq in (548 sq cm)
Blade Length X Width 7.2 X 15.25″ (18.3 X 38.75cm)
Blade Angle

Blade Material

Fiberglass Foam Core

Shaft Material

Carbon Shaft



  • Fiberglass Foam Core Construction
  • A Lee Bonfiglio design
  • HSR – High Stroke Rate
  • Long, narrow blade design provides the fastest stroke rate
  • Advanced dihedral blade design promotes stability and control
  • 16 inch custom Accent LeverLock adjustment system
  • ABS edge reinforcement
  • Not intended for Whitewater use


16" Leverlok Adjustment: