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Where To Paddle

To say that this area of northern Wisconsin is good for paddling would be a gross understatement. Blessed with hundreds of pristine lakes largely surrounded by state forest and generally light winds, it is truly a paddling paradise. The hardest part is choosing which lakes to paddle as they are all fantastic. If you prefer quiet lakes your best bet is to stay within the Northern Highland State Forest. If you want more amenities and action the chains are the place to be. Below are some of our favorites, but please feel free to give us a call for more information.


Allequash Lake

Area - 406 ACRES

Maximum Depth - 24 feet

Bottom - 60% sand, 30% gravel, 10% rock, 0% muck

Allequash is completely surrounded by state forest and has no buildings on the shoreline. It is comprised of upper and lower Allequash which are connected by a narrow channel. The lower lake does not allow motors so it is always quite and filled with wild rice and expensive wildlife including loons, eagles, beavers and ducks. The bottom is soft in many areas so do not get out of your boat without first checking to make certain that the bottom is firm.

The lake has excellent pan fishing as well as walleye and musky.  

The lake is located 5 minutes south of Boulder Junction off of highway M.

Trout Lake (Vilas County)

Area - 3864 ACRES

Maximum Depth - 117 feet

Mean Depth - 49 FEET

Bottom - 30% sand, 40% gravel, 20% rock, 10% muck

At nearly 4000 acres, Trout Lake is one of the largest, and deepest (117') lakes in the state of Wisconsin. While it's shear size can be intimidating, it is a fantastic place to paddle if the wind is light. The lake is roughly 70% state owned, with most of the homes located on the north side of the upper lake and south side of the lower lake. The area in between is full of lush shoreline, sand beeches and state-owned islands to explore. The best launches are at the north boat landing and the north end of Ben Bendrick drive.   There are 4 nesting eagle pairs on the lake and an abundance of loons.

The lake is only a 5 minute drive from Boulder Junction and a 15 minute drive from Minocqua

Steve paddles the lake daily, so feel free to contact him for more information.

White Sand Lake (Boulder Junction)

Area - 746 ACRES

Maximum Depth - 71 feet

Mean Depth - 33 FEET

Bottom - 40% sand, 45% gravel, 5% rock, 10% muck

White Sand is an ideal lake for swimming and exploring on calm days. The lake is very open so it is not a great lake on windy days. The beach on the west end is ideal while the creek on the east end is full of wildlife. Watch out for soft bottom in the bay on the east end. Loons and eagles are very common here.

The lake is a 10 minute drive from Boulder Junction.  

Manitowish River (Highway K to Island Lake)

Put-in for this 6.6 mile trip just below the rapids on Hwy. K about 2 miles west of Boulder Junction. The river is easy to navigate with few rapids and a consistent flow. Expect to see lots of wildlife on this gorgeous stretch of river.

If you want a longer paddle you can continue into Island Lake which is part of, and connects to, the famous Manitowish Waters chain of lakes.