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Wilderness Systems Pungo 125 Kayak

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Merging time-honored design elements with contemporary innovation, the upgraded Pungo stands out in the kayaking world, offering an exhilarating blend of unmatched stability, unparalleled speed, exceptional comfort, and smart outfitting. This modern iteration elevates your paddling experience, pushing the boundaries of dynamic water performance. This model is a favorite amongst all of the Coontail staff, as it can take on any type of water you choose to adventure in. 

The iconic Pungo hull, perfected through extensive engineering and testing, boasts remarkable stability, ensuring a secure ride without compromising on agility. It sets the standard for speed, ranking as the most effortless to paddle and the most efficient kayak in its category. With the Pungo, you can achieve greater distances at faster speeds, expanding your paddling horizons beyond expectations.

At the heart of the Pungo's unmatched comfort is the patented Phase 3® AirPro seating system, a hallmark of Wilderness Systems' commitment to world-class kayak comfort. This system offers unparalleled adjustability and support, allowing you to customize your seating for an immersive and comfortable paddling adventure. The Pungo's innovative features extend to its comprehensive kayak dashboard interface, designed for ultimate customization and functionality. It comes equipped with the removable DryTec dry box for secure valuables storage, dual cup holders for hydration needs, a dedicated recess for the optional Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery, and SlideTrax™ for easy mounting of gadgets, fishing gear, and more. Additionally, two mounting platforms allow for further customization.

Enhancing its robust design, the Pungo includes a durable, replaceable skid plate, sturdy rigid carry handles for easy transportation, leading-edge storage solutions, and adaptable deck bungee rigging. Each feature is thoughtfully integrated, reinforcing the Pungo's status as a kayak that doesn't just navigate waters but commands them, making it a top choice for paddlers seeking the pinnacle of kayaking innovation and performance.

Through skillful engineering, the new Pungo features a size for everyone – a 10.5-foot model is a compact package designed to fit a variety of paddlers, a 12-foot model accommodates small and medium-sized paddlers and a 12.5 foot model for a large fit. The 12.5-foot model accommodates a large fit and was named a “Best Boat of 2019” by Outside Magazine.


Wilderness Systems Pungo 125

  • Skid Plate
  • Orbix Stern Hatch
  • Deck Rigging
  • Phase 3® AirPro Seating System
  • Thigh and Knee Padding
  • Pungo Dashboard
  • SlideLock XL Foot Brace System
  • Rigid Carry Handles


LENGTH: 12' 6" / 381 CM WIDTH: 29" / 75 CM
BOAT WEIGHT: 53 LBS. / 24 KG COCKPIT LENGTH: 57.75" / 147 CM
COCKPIT WIDTH: 22.5" / 57 CM MAX CAPACITY: 375 LBS. / 170 KG