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Hobie Mirage Kayaks: The Ultimate Guide for Anglers and Adventurers

Matthew Betka

Posted on April 13 2024

Hobie Mirage Kayaks: The Ultimate Guide for Anglers and Adventurers

Hobie Mirage Kayaks

In the serene waters of Northern Wisconsin, where fishing is not just a pastime but a way of connecting with nature, Hobie Mirage pedal-driven kayaks have made a significant impact. These innovative vessels, known for their pedal drive system and stable construction, offer a unique blend of stability, speed, and stealth, making them perfect for both angling and recreational pursuits. We have been selling Hobie peddle driven kayaks at Coontail since they first came out with them 25+ years ago, and we have had the opportunity to watch them advance their technology every year. 

Hobie Mirage kayaks have become a staple up here in the Northwoods, and we have countless loyal customers who not only use them to fish local lakes, but who also use them recreationally to enjoy a hands free kayaking experience. In this blog we will dive into the various models of Hobie Mirage kayaks and explore why they stand out as the ideal choice for the diverse waters of this region.

Hobie Mirage Passport Series

          Passport 10.5 & 12.0: These entry-level models are a great introduction to pedal kayaking, combining performance with affordability. The Passport series boats are lightweight, easy to transport, and equipped with the MirageDrive pedal system. Now made in a rotomolded construction, the Passport is more durable than ever. They're ideal for exploring the calm lakes and rivers of Northern Wisconsin, providing a hands-free experience that's perfect for fishing or leisurely paddling.

    Hobie Mirage Compass Series

              Compass & Compass Duo: The Compass series offers a step up with more features and a sleek design. These models are known for their stability and comfort, making them suitable for longer fishing trips. Patented Kick-Up Fin Technology takes the worry out of kayaking in shallow, structure-filled waters by automatically retracting the fins upon impact. The Compass Duo, with its tandem seating, is perfect for couples or friends who want to explore the waters together. The wider hull design ensures stability, which is crucial for fishing in the diverse conditions found in the Northwoods.

      Hobie Mirage Outback

                Outback: The Outback is a favorite among serious anglers due to its superior stability, ample storage, and the versatility of the MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Fins technology. It's designed to handle everything from small ponds to the Great Lakes, making it a top choice for fishing in Northern Wisconsin. The ability to stand up and sight-cast to fish, combined with the kayak's effortless maneuverability, makes the Outback a formidable fishing machine.

      Hobie Mirage Pro Angler Series

                Pro Angler 12, 14: The Pro Angler series is the pinnacle of kayak fishing luxury and performance. These models are equipped with all the bells and whistles an angler could wish for, including the Vantage seating system for ultimate comfort, an extensive array of H-Rail mounting options for gear, and unparalleled stability for standing and casting. Whether targeting smallmouth bass in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest or musky in the many lakes of Vilas County, the Pro Angler series delivers. Also available is the Pro Angler 360, whose drive unit swivels on a gear wheel, giving you the ability to move in every direction effortlessly. 

        Why Hobie Mirage Kayaks are Ideal for Northern Wisconsin

        1. Hands-Free Propulsion: The MirageDrive system allows for hands-free navigation and fishing, giving anglers an advantage when trolling or casting in the rich waters of Northern Wisconsin.
        2. Stability: The design of these kayaks provides exceptional stability, crucial for fishing and for enjoying a leisurely paddle on the region's many lakes and rivers.
        3. Versatility: Whether you're fishing, bird watching, or simply exploring, Hobie Mirage kayaks offer the versatility needed to enjoy the diverse recreational opportunities in Northern Wisconsin.
        4. Durability: Built to last, these kayaks can withstand the varying conditions of Northern Wisconsin's waterways, from quiet ponds to the challenging shores of the Great Lakes.
        5. Comfort: With features like the Vantage seating system and adjustable pedal positions, Hobie kayaks ensure comfort throughout your adventure, allowing for longer and more enjoyable outings.

        In conclusion, Hobie Mirage pedal-driven kayaks offer an unparalleled blend of functionality, comfort, and performance, making them the ideal choice for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts in Northern Wisconsin. Whether you're after the catch of the day or simply soaking in the natural beauty of the region, a Hobie Mirage kayak can elevate your experience on the water to new heights.

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