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Northern Wisconsin's Premier Fliteboard E-Foil Retailer

Coontail is proud to partner with Fliteboard to introduce Northern Wisconsin to the experience of hovering above the water on an Electric Hydrofoil.   Hydrofoils have taken the watersports industry by storm over the past few years, and the E-Foil is clearly the future. Our team has been passionate about foils for quite some time, whether it is kite foiling, wing foiling, wake foiling or surf foiling.   We are beyond excited to welcome Electric Foils to our product lines.


Fliteboard brought their boards to the market in 2018, which was around the same time their competitor, Lift Foils, launched their E-Foil. Since then, Fliteboard has fine tuned their product to make it the most advanced and user friendly board on the market. With a simplistic internal design, the rider can confidently experience stress-free maintanence.


In 2020, Flite App was launched. The app allowed Fliteboard users to measure performance statistics such as distance, speed, roll, pitch, power and battery life, a feature not offered by competitors. In addition, Fliteboard offers a wide range of wings and stabilizers which allow the rider to tailor their board to their preferred riding experience. Flite's signature unibody fuselage integrates the foil and motor (instead of the clamping it to the mast) resulting in the most balanced, responsive and efficient E-Foil on the market today. Advanced riders can then turn harder, explore further, ride faster and have the ultimate pitch control on a wave. It also allows beginners to learn the sport with ease.


With endless lakes and rivers in the Midwest, the E-Foil is the perfect way to explore with the highest level of fun. Coontail is fully stoked and you should be too! Stop in to our Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin location, or call for more details. See you on the water...