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Follow Rarity Comp Vest

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Elevate your wakesurfing experience with our cutting-edge comp vest, tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of wakesurfers. Featuring a sleek, teperd fit, this vest not only promises superior comfort but also a unique style statement on the water, with each colorway boasting a distinctive sublimated pattern. Engineered for peak performance, the vest integrates DUAL LAYER CONSTRUCTION with the lightest and softest featherweight foam, ensuring optimal buoyancy without compromising on agility.

Follow's commitment to excellence is further shown off by the inclusion of the TrueFit© Liner, a design choice that guarantees a snug, seamless fit, allowing for unhindered movement as you ride the waves. This wakesurfing vest, designed in collaboration with Sam Brown, a renowned figure in the wakesurfing community, combines expertise and innovation to deliver a product that meets the high standards of professional and amateur wakesurfers alike.

Perfect for those seeking to enhance their performance and style on the water, this comp vest is not just a piece of equipment but a testament to advanced wakesurfing gear design. Whether you're cutting through calm waters or riding the crest of a wave, our wakesurfing-specific comp vest offers unparalleled support, comfort, and mobility, making every session more enjoyable and productive. Gear up with our top-of-the-line comp vest and make a splash in the wakesurfing scene, standing out for both skill and style.

Rarity Features:

— Unique Sublimated Pattern For Each Colour Way
— Dual Layer Construction
— Featherweight Foam; The Softest And Lightest We Can Find
— Truefit© Liner
— Designed With Sam Brown