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Follow Women's Athena Comp Vest

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Introducing the Athena Women's Comp Vest by Follow, a masterpiece in the wakeboarding and water sports gear arena, inspired by the elegance and resilience of snow-style designs. This unique two-tone vest, adorned with fully segmented diamond stitching, stands out not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for its unmatched durability and comfort. Endorsed by renowned athletes Cassidy Gale and River Hendrix, the Athena has quickly become a favorite, setting new standards for performance and style in women's comp vests. Its full neoprene outer shell is designed to withstand the rigors of intense water sports activities, ensuring longevity and delivering enhanced comfort when wet, distinguishing it from other entry-level models in the market.

The Athena Women's Comp Vest is a testament to Follow's commitment to quality and innovation, providing female athletes and enthusiasts with a product that truly meets their needs. Unlike standard vests, its sophisticated diamond stitched-through construction not only offers superior buoyancy and safety but also ensures a snug, slimming fit that moves with your body. This design choice elevates the Athena beyond a mere safety garment to a fashion statement on the water, offering more than just functionality but also a touch of elegance and personal style. It's the perfect blend of form and function, crafted for those who demand the best in terms of both performance and aesthetics in their water sports apparel.

Elevate your water sports experience with the Athena Women's Comp Vest by Follow, where durability meets cutting-edge design. This vest is not just an accessory but an essential piece of gear for serious water sport enthusiasts looking for top-tier comfort, safety, and style. The Athena's premium neoprene material and meticulous construction promise to enhance your performance while ensuring you look and feel your best on the water. It's a smart investment for women who refuse to compromise on quality and seek a comp vest that truly stands the test of time. Whether you're wakeboarding, skiing, or engaging in any high-intensity water activity, the Athena Women's Comp Vest is designed to help you excel and make a statement.

Athena Features:

— Dual Layer Construction
— Corset Back 2MM Stretch Panels
— Duotone Quilted Stitch Pattern
— Featherweight Foam
— Complete Stitch Through Segment Panels
— Truefit© Liner