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Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe and Fatbike Rental In Boulder Junction and north of Minocqua, Wisconsin

Cross-Country Ski Rental

Enjoy the many, fantastic Northwoods cross-country ski trails with ski rentals from Coontail.  
Coontail rents top-quality skis for the entire family that are easy to use and designed for both in-track skiing and exploring.

Snowshoe Rental

Snowshoeing is a great way to get out an explore areas that are otherwise unreachable. Take in the abundant wildlife and enjoy the solitude that snowshoeing provides.
Coontail rents snowshoes for the entire family.

Trekker Ski Rentals

Snow trekking skis put snowshoes to shame and allow you to travel smoothly and efficiently through the snow. They are faster than snowshoes and allow you to glide down hills. The bindings work with any winter boot.

Fat Bike Rental

Fat bikes are a great way to enjoy biking during the snowy season. There are a number of groomed trails in the area just for fat bikes.